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Favorite Sweet Finds

I love products ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

When I find something I love, I want to share it so that others can love it too.  Here are few SWEET FINDS I am currently loving right now...


  I adore cute kitchenware, I just believe that it makes life in the kitchen brighter.    Crate and Barrel has the best kitchenware! I love these whimsical but practical dish towels ( Egg yolks and Conversions).  http://www.crateandbarrel.com/sunny-side-up-dish-towel/s546621

bake from scratch  is a seasonal magazine that consist of beautiful images, recipes and food information.  I devour this magazine every since I discovered it this past winter.  The layout is absolutely stunning!! Any Foodie will truly enjoy this magazine...I can't wait til the Summer edition is released.   http://www.hoffmanmediastore.com/bake-1/back-from-scratch-spring-2016.html

This doughnut pan I retrieved from Target. I have succumbed to the doughnut craze and tried my hand at making these sweet confections myself.  It's official...I love making donuts🍩  



Spring definitely makes me want to fill my place with tulips. 

Sweet Tunes- When I'm I the kitchen baking I love to play music, my current baking soundtrack consists of the retro, raspy sounds of Andra Day ( Her album- Cheers to the Fall). My favorite tracks are #10-Gin & Juice, #1-Forever Mine, #13- Cheers to the Fall and #1-Rise up...Here's a little sample 



Fruit Shaped Cutting boards from Dollar Tree- I have this thing for dollar stores😳 You can find some of the best little treasures for the kitchen or entertaining items. 

Kate Spade cake stand- This beautiful glass cake stand is etched with the infamous saying "Eat Cake for Breakfast"